Mentorship with Integrity and Honour

Katana Training Ltd has trained thousands of property investors over the past few years and have presented on stages across 28 different countries around the world. They have personally mentored hundreds of property investors and have a 100% success rate with all investors that commit and take the necessary steps towards their financial goals.

Katana (Samurai Sword), is known as the place a samurai wears his honour. In exactly the same way, both Richard and Taro wear their honour in the Katana business. 

Richard and Taro have worked within the property industry for several decades combined and have bought and sold a multi million pound portfolio in only three years and have honed their skills to ensure they are best suited to help you achieve your property success by leveraging their knowledge and mistakes so you don't have to make them yourself

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Presenter, Mentor and Founder

Richard van Ommen, originally from South Africa, is a 15 year automation engineer who has used his engineering knowledge to create the system that powers all of the Katana businesses as well as those of the mentorship students


Presenter, Mentor and Founder

Taro Nabetani, originally from Japan, is a seasoned property investor and qualified architect, who uses his knowledge and learnings to great effect in educating and boosting the journey of all mentorship students